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New Website Sneak Peek

Thought I'd share a little about the upcoming website I've been working on...

The new site is going to have more functionality that I'm excited about, and hope you might find pretty cool too ;)

Here are some sneak peeks!

Everything will be easier to find with a search function right up top.

Plus there will be the ability to login and create an account where you can view order history, save a wish list, and more.

It will also be easy to view additional offerings available in your favorite scents.

Reading reviews will be easier too with a dedicated page in the main menu. The reviews page also has a search function. So if you want to look for reviews that mention a specific scent or word, you can!

Reviews will also be at the bottom of each product page so you can easily see any reviews for that specific item. And you can ask questions about the product as well.

The best new addition I've saved for last- Reward points! I've always loved the idea of finding ways to give thanks for all of the support people give my little shop. Every time someone leaves a review, or shares online, it really helps the shop grow and totally makes my whole day. I've been trying to manually keep a list of every share and review so I can include little free gifts of soaps and such in people's next order. While that's been a lot of fun, it's also been a little hard to keep track of as things have grown. The reward points will allow for a system that leaves less to human error, and will give people more freedom of choice for how they get to enjoy their thank you gifts. I'm setting it up so points can be used for store discounts, or to chose from a selection of free gift products :)

It has been a lot of work! And taking me a little longer than anticipated, but it's worth it to get everything just right to provide the best site I possibly can. Super excited for the big reveal and grand opening sale! Date to be announced SOON!

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