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Making Oat & Aloe Soap

This special unscented soap combines two of the most well known skin soothing plants- Oats and Aloe Vera. Who hasn't heard of an oatmeal bath for calming irritated or itchy skin? Or aloe to moisturize and help a sunburn? I decided to put both to work as main components in this recipe.

Fresh aloe Griffin inspected and approved ;)

I love using whole plant ingredients like this. Sure you can buy aloe juice or extract, and those are great ingredients, but sometimes it's nice to use things that are as unprocessed as possible. Isn't that a lovely sight?

This soap begins with scooping out the juicy, jelly like insides of the whole aloe leaf. I use this as half of my liquid phase for this soap. For the other half, I use Oat Milk which is frozen beforehand to help prevent any scorching from the lye. Always work slowly, adding your lye a bit at a time to keep the temperature of your solution from going too high. To give even more soothing oaty goodness, I add colloidal oats. It's such a fine powder that it gives a silky texture to the bars instead of an exfoliating one like most plant powders. A splash of German blue chamomile is the final hero ingredient here. This beautifully blue oil contains azulene, another skin calming and moisturizing powerhouse. All blended up with some of my favorite conditioning plant based oils like olive, rice bran, and shea butter to create this soap.

A chopstick swirl to complete the look.

And after a solid 6-8 weeks of curing time, these super soothing bars are ready to make your skin happy. Available here

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