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Happy New Year! Endings and Beginnings

As 2022 comes to a close and we look forward to the new year ahead, I have reflections to share.

When I first began adventures in soap making, I never could have imagined where it would take me. It seemed like a fun and functional thing to learn how to do right along with learning how to culture sourdough, make cheese, and pressure can. But once I dove into it, the possibilities of ingredient and scent combinations with so many design ideas captivated my fascination. Friends began to suggest I sell my soap online which kindled the beginning of this little shop. Then came requests for related products. When people loved a scent blend, some wanted it as shampoo, or a lotion. It took me a while, but I was happy to keep learning new things, and gradually the little shop grew. So many ideas have brought me a lot of joy in learning how to make them. There have been many variations too. Through this last year especially, as I challenged myself to make 365 soaps, I started to recognize a shift in where I'm going with it all.

Did I complete the goal of sharing 365 soaps with you all here? No. And for that dear readers I am sorry. I still have a bunch of photos of batches that never were uploaded as my attention kept wandering to the next creative adventure.

Did I learn things along the way? Absolutely yes.

The biggest take away has been that while I'm an actively creative individual, I'm not great at keeping focus on just one thing for long, or having the disciple to regularly blog about it. I'm most in my element bouncing between mediums. While I love soaps, many other things including working in clay have also stolen my heart.

And life happens. Sometimes that brings obstacles, sometimes opportunities. This has been a year filled with both, and I'm super grateful and excited about where things are going.

I've been finding a clearer vision of what truly resonates with me, and what I'm driven to create. Soaps, scents, and stoneware have all been my mediums this year, and going forward I really want to bring those together along with the herbal and plant knowledge I also find joy in. There's always something new happening- a new idea, a new project, a new lesson, or experiment, and it doesn't need to be regimented into a challenge or organized into boxes.

Going forward I'm excited to just open up and share all the creative chaos as it happens. Be it soap or stoneware or finding local plants to work with. I hope you will join me for lots more to come.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


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