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First 14 of 365 Soap Challenge

Firstly, I feel like I should define what this Challenge is about for me. I see it mainly as a way to prioritize having fun while improving my skills as a soap maker. There's a massive backlog of soapy ideas waiting that often take a backseat in my chaotic schedule. Committing to make one batch of soap a day gives me an excuse to play. Blogging about it creates a place for accountability, and to share these sudsy adventures for those who are curious. You can expect a behind the scenes kind of view where mistakes, triumphs, and the routine will be all seen as I will be making both tried and true batches to keep up with restocking the shop shelves, as well as trying out new formulations, designs, and techniques.

Soap 1: White Tea & Ginger frog shaped Soleseife

I wanted to welcome the first day of the new year with something simple and joyful. This scent blend is Zen, and frogs are creatures that always make me smile, so this felt like a fun way to kick things off.

Soap 2: The Woman Who Yells At Bears

This is a Clary Sage soap with ground Rosemary powder for a little texture, Egyptian Geranium for a hint of sweetness, and touch of Vetiver for that smoky earthy base note. This is a soap I have made before, originally as a personal soap for myself. Although in the past it was a single note of Clary Sage, this batch is a blend to try to recreate the complex bouquet of the Clary Sage I had come to love. Essential Oils are subject to change depending on environmental conditions and time of harvest etc. I am sad to say the new bottle I have does disappoint my nose, but instead of letting that stop me, I created a blend to try instead. I also did a top swirl that I usually don't get a chance to try because it requires a very fluid soap batter to get the smooth fine lines.

Soap 3: The Alchemist

A beer soap and customer favorite scent happily made on request with a charcoal swirl.

Soap 4: Happy Hour

The first beer soap I ever made years ago was Happy Hour. The scent has changed over makings to Sandalwood Amber, but I'm thinking future batches are going to be formulated a bit differently and revert back to the original Amber scent.

Soap 5: Sandalwood & Amber

After smelling this scent in yesterday's soap, I decided it would be better suited to an actual Sandalwood Soap! This is made with Red Sandalwood powder, a new ingredient to work with.

Soap 6: Harmony

LOL this is my first ever attempt at a landscape type style design. I was attempting to conjure up a glowing orange sunrise over puffy purple hued clouds. It's scented in this month's featured scent- Lavender, Tangerine, and hint of Palmarosa. One of my favorite blends. For what it lacks in design execution, it makes up for in scent and lather. I'm definitely keeping some bars from this batch for myself.

Soap 7: Color Test- Blue

Soap 8: Color Test- Purple

Soap 9: Color Test- Pink

These are mini batches to try out a new glycerin soap formulation I made last month to see how it would take colors and scents after curing. (I will share more about Glycerin soaps in a dedicated post soon!)

Soap 10: Smudge Soap

This is a cold process soap that is a little tricky to make. It starts with infusing Coconut Oil with Myrrh, and Olive Oil with Motherwort. This is a high Coconut percentage recipe that also includes Sea Salt, powdered Sage, and an essential oil blend of Sage, Orange, Cedar, and Eucalyptus.

Soap 11: Tea Roses

A triple butter soap scented in English tea rose, and colored with pink clay.

Soap 12: Sea Of Tranquility Shells

Another long overdue soap created to pair with the popular Sea Of Tranquility Bath Bombs. Same scent blend, a mermaid blue mica colorant, and Sea Salt in a Coconut Milk glycerin soap to let this delicate fragrance shine through.

Soap 13: Black Raspberry Vanilla

A nod to nostalgia as I'm thinking about upcoming Valentine's Day. This is a glycerin soap with my first attempt at confetti colors. Which did not go according to plan. Still it was fun to make, I know what I'd do differently next time, and the soap curls in the top were fun to make.

14: Rainbow Soap attempt

This is another glycerin soap scented with a sweet and tart black currant candy blend. I was generously gifted a bunch of these nice mica colors to use which can give bold hues in the right kind of soap, so this was a fun way to see them at their brightest. Rainbow Pride Flag! 🏳️‍🌈

That wraps up the first 14 days of 365! As you can see, there's a mix of old and new happening, and some stuff that's a departure from my usual style. I'm already working on more soaps to share with you soon.

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