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Changes Coming and What I'm Working On

Hello dear readers! It's hard to believe that January is over already. It's been a busy month, and I'm excited to share some of the happenings here with you. If you've been following me on social media, you may have seen some new stoneware soap dishes in the works...

I've been keeping busy with these, making soap, and... *drumroll please* building a new website.

Yes! The time has come for me to migrate to a new virtual home.

Running an online shop is a lot of work, and as this has grown, I've recognized a better platform is going to help streamline things. Not only will it make boring stuff like accounting easier on my end, it will also offer nifty new features. Things like being able to create a log-in, save a wish list, comment on the blog (not as an anonymous commenter sorry! I tried to fix that and haven't been able to here), rewards for reviews and shares, and better shipping integrations that allow me to invest into green solutions and offset my carbon footprint. I'm very excited to have new tools like this to offer more functionality and make this all run more smoothly.

Along with creating what I hope will be a fantastic new website, I've done some serious reflection about who I am as a maker, as an artist, and where I see myself going. The name Blackbird Mountain was originally "Blackbird Mountain Farm" after the name we chose for our little homesteading adventures here. Which I then shortened to use for the little shop. At the time it fit, and I created the little blackbird bird logo to go with it. Blackbird Mountain has been a beautiful start, and I love it for all of that. But as I continue learning and making more beyond soaps and skincare, I feel like the name suits things less. I've been wanting to change it for a while now to something that encompasses more of my style and all that I'm into.

So I have also been working on a new logo that I love to go with the new name and new site.

That's a lot of new! It may sound like a lot is changing, but everything I make is still the same. Same soaps, scrubs, bath bombs, lotions, scents, bat soaps, everything. Just they will soon be joined by more clay creations!

I am planning a sort of virtual unveiling party when the new site is ready by having a celebratory sale. So be sure to stay tuned if that is of interest to you :)

Until then I will leave you with the mystery and antici... pation

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