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Battle of the Milk Soaps

I'm no stranger to how awesome goat's milk is as a soap ingredient. In fact, that's what got me into soap making in the first place! But what about other milks? I have used coconut and oat milk in a few soaps too, which I also love, but what about other other milks?

I decided to find out!

For this little soapy experiment, I wanted to keep everything consistent except our variable here- the type of milk used. So each of the above soapy contenders were all created from one master batch of the same oils. Unlike the goat's milk soaps I usually make, this formulation was kept a little more basic. That way, as these soaps go bubble to bubble in testing, no one has any hidden advantage. I'm really curious to see how these different additives will compare. The textures of some were immediately different with some soaps thickening during the process faster than others. All were made with the milk of choice used as 100% of the fluid for the soap. To prevent the sodium hydroxide from scorching the natural sugars and proteins in the milks, I individually froze portions of each milk for every batch.

First impressions are that banana, cashew, and walnut might be really nice. Rice might be extra bubbly. And flax... well I'm super curious to see how that feels as soap. Flax was almost a slimy texture to work with, but that might translate into some skin conditioning quality as soap. And while I know that I adore my tried and true goat, oat, and coconut milks- I've never put them all in the same exact recipe to compare them this way. Who will be the best milk soap? Stay tuned to find out!

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