Bastille Soaps

What is Bastille Soap? No, there are no guillotines involved ;P nor is this soap from France.

Bastille is a term coined by soap makers for soap that is made with a high percentage of olive oil to differentiate it from Castile Soap. Castile is 100% olive oil soap and Bastille is soap made with at least 70% olive oil along with other vegetable oils and/or butters.

High olive oil percentage soaps are very gently cleansing and skin conditioning bars making them excellent for dry or sensitive skin. They are very popular as facial and specialty soaps for that reason. So why not play around with some mini batches of a basic bastille recipe and different additives to keep having fun with my 365 Soaps

Aren't these mini test batches so adorable? Here I'm using an olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and castor oil recipe with a 6% superfat, and a 10% water discount. Since this soap uses so much olive oil, it could take a long time to unmold without removing some of the water from the recipe allowing the bars to set up firmer faster.

Soap 22: no additives. A control soap.

Soap 23: Soap Nut tea as 25% of the lye solution

Soap 24: Soap Nut tea as 50% of the lye solution

Soap 25: Honey

Soap 26: Dead Sea mud

Soap 27: Rose powder

Soap 28: Chamomile powder

Soap 29: Silk aminos

Soap 30: Combination of silk, rose, and honey

Soap 31: Dead Sea mud and honey

I stamped the bottom of these as they were unmolded with the numbers corresponding to my notes to ensure I know who's who. These will cure on the rack for the standard 6 weeks before a first lather test. However, I'm really looking forward to trying them more as they age. All soaps improve with more curing time, and high olive oil soaps especially can transform how they lather. Will report how they do of course in the future here on the blog!

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