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365 Soaps Continues

The 365 Soap Challenge continues! And I try to get a little fancy (maybe too fancy) with some designs.

Soap 50: Plum Potion

I had so much fun making this soap to go with one of my favorite bath bombs! I adore this scent blend and it's silly there hasn't been a soap in this scent before now. The bath bomb starts pink, but turns bathwater a plum purple, so pink and purple were the theme. I used Rose Clay as a natural pink colorant, micas for the purple, and topped it with soap cut to look like rose quart crystals just for a whimsical element. Next time I'm planning to add more purple!

Soap 51: Rosewater Facial Soap

Soap 52: Green Clay & Herbal Facial Soap

Soap 53: Turmeric & Honey Facial Soap

These three are all made with egg whites and other extra skin care goodies. You can read more about these egg white soaps in my last blog post.

Soap 54: Sunnyside

Another egg soap! Unlike the facial bars, this body soap uses the whole egg- getting lots of protein, vitamins, and fatty acids from including the yolk as well. Naturally colored with two different types of Brazilian clay, and scented with a bright and citrusy blend of grapefruit, lemon, ginger, and sage.

Soap 55: Rosy Goat

A new batch of the sold out favorite. This is a goat's milk soap made with rose hips and a modern take on the classic rose scent. This time with a new ingredient- Camelina oil! I'm already loving working with this oil. It's a rich texture, high in omegas and vitamin e, and this gorgeous golden color. I can't wait to try out this new batch of soap :)

Soap 56: Blackbird Barista

Another restocking the shelves batch. This coffee soap made with freshly brewed coffee for the fluid and coffee grounds for a scrubby exfoliation is almost sold out so it was time to make more. I broke out the piping bag for this batch to try to get a real whipped cream on top look, and remembered that piping is not as easy as the pros make it look! LOL

Soap 57: Sandalwood Rose

This is also a remake of a previous soap to include Camelina oil, and the addition of some Rose clay for a natural pink blush to contrast with the charcoal black swirl and rose lace pattern decorative top.

Soap 58: Jasmine Sandalwood

This batch is made with a jasmine hydrosol for the fluid portion, and scented with jasmine and sandalwood. I'd planned a white base color with a natural green swirled delicately downward across the bar, with a green and white swirled top with dried jasmine flowers... but sometimes soap misbehaves. This accelerated crazy fast from the high floral content. The soap batter went from a fluid state to being nearly completely solid in seconds. It was all I could do to scoop and smush it from the mixing bowl into the mold. So it's not the delicate design I imagined, but that jasmine does smell awfully nice so I'm not even mad about it.

These soaps will be available in the shop once they have finished curing (in 6-8 weeks) with the exception of the new facial soaps that are small test batches.

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