Soap Scraps

What to do with those last little slivers of soap? Don't throw them out!

Check out this fantastic waste-less idea.

All you need is an organza bag. You can find them online easily, or you might even have one left over from a past gift. I happen to have *a lot* of soap scraps around here. Go figure. So it was easy to fill an old organza bag I had tucked away.

Place scraps into the bag, pull the strings shut, and now you have a little soap scrubby!

The mesh texture helps work up a rich lather and gives gentle exfoliation. It's great for removing dirt. I keep one by the sink for washing hands after farm chores or working in clay. With a mix of various soaps, there's all kinds of different moisturizing odds and ends in there so my hands stay soft even after lots of scrubbing. You can hang your soap scrap bag by the strings to allow it to dry well between uses and it will last even longer. What a great way to enjoy handmade soaps to the last speck.

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