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More Eco-Friendly Steps

Hey guys! I'm super excited to announce a few more steps we are taking to push our eco-friendly promise even further. I never thought I could get excited about packing tape, but...

I am really happy with this tape I found at EcoEnclose! It is 100% plant-derived, renewable, and naturally biodegradable. This tape is made from plant cellulose and uses natural plant derived rubber for stickiness. How cool is that? We are already shipping packages with this tape, pleased with the performance, and it is here to stay as part of our promise.

Every little bit adds up, so we are also getting ready to change our soap labels into something better too. I know many of you said you liked the clean look of our clear sticker labels, but that plastic isn't biodegradable. So please be patient with us as we change over to recycled paper labels. These may go through a few versions as I try to get them just right.

Most of all I hope you feel good about all of these steps because we sure do!

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