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Our Eco-Friendly Promise

At the end of 2017, I made a big New Year Resolution to transition all packaging to Eco-Friendly materials. I'm so happy to be able to bring every aspect of this little business in line with the environmental ethics I hold dear. It's a process that will take a little time as we phase out old wrappings and source new packaging methods. Some of this has been an easy switch, and some things have taken time and a substantial cost investment. It's worth every effort and penny though, and I'm proud to share updates about it all with you.

We have made two major changes. The first is a big one!

That's right- we got the new shrink wrap system to utilize rolls of biodegradable shrink wrapping! It's a big transition, and right now orders are going out with a mix of our old shrink wrap and this new eco-wrap as we use up the last of the old stuff. Very soon, and ever after, all products will be wrapped only in Biolefin. I will be making a separate blog entry detailing info about how Biolefin works, and a review on the system.

Another step we are taking involves padding materials inside shipping boxes.

The only padding material we are purchasing is bio-degradable bubble wrap!

You may have already seen bubble wrap that is a blue color in your orders, that's our first roll of it. This Bio-bubble wrap is made with d2w formulated plastic which you can read about here. The color of Bio-bubble may vary from blue to green or even clear depending on what supplier we source it from. Many companies carry this now, and you can buy it anywhere from Amazon to major industrial packaging companies. Here's a link to a supplier in case anyone is looking to find this environmentally friendly solution for themselves.

Also since "reuse" is part of the "reduce, reuse, recycle" motto, we will be reusing packaging material that comes to us. Most of these are air cushions made of plastic that can be recycled, paper products, and biodegradable packing peanuts.

If you have any questions about our promise, or the materials we are now using, please contact us! You can comment below, or send an email any time. I look forward to sharing more as we take additional steps towards being as environmentally friendly as possible.

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