Holiday Madness! New Products.

Like many hand made artisans, I get excited about the late fall to winter time. It heralds the possibility of extra sales and new connections. It's gift giving season!

Unfortunately, I am not the best at managing my time, often lamenting that I can't just designate someone else to handle the business aspects of my little shop and leave me free to be the creative. I could fit the part of absent minded mad scientist pretty well- crazy hair, eclectic tastes, talking to myself about new ideas- oh yeah, and the chaotic approach to organizing. Oops.

This year I got way ahead of myself in my excitement. Cute seasonal soaps! New ceramic dishes and mugs! Gift sets! Facial products! Sugar scrubs! Yes! ALL OF THE THINGS! Only to realize as the calendar marched on, it's an awful lot to make happen.

There's a lesson in there that I stubbornly seem to refuse to learn. I'm all about taking on anything that seems exciting. Next year, I will just have to make sure I get started earlier. In the meantime, this year, you can expect some pretty nifty seasonal gift sets, holiday themed soaps, new facial products that may be also offered as sets, sets of signature scents that include my brand new lotion, and a few ceramic pieces. I apologize that a lot of this will become available December 14. So for you last minute holiday shoppers, I got you! For those who don't like to wait, I truly am sorry. The last date to order and have delivery before December 25th is going to be December 19th so there will be a little time.

I will leave you with a little peek at what's in store for seasonal gift sets!

This hand soap is scented with essential oils of peppermint, fir pine needles, and touch of sweet balsam. It's very fresh, and reminds me of Christmas trees.

All winter seasonal gift box sets will have one of these soaps and an original handmade ceramic soap dish included.

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