Color Therapy

I've been having so much fun dreaming up and color testing bath bombs! I love how color can influence mood, I think it can be really therapeutic in a way. Combine that with a warm relaxing bath and a lovely scent, and it's a recipe for a great experience.

Color testing is so much fun for me!

It was especially exciting when I got things for this black bath just right. Be still, my black little heart.

Who would have thought enjoying a bath could be part of work?

Shhhhh. I'm in a product development meeting...

Okay, not every color test actually involves me getting to indulge, but it's still fun combining these cosmetic grade colorants to see what I can get. Sometimes it's a surprise since these don't behave quite the same as mixing paint would. I don't consider a color a success until I feel like it's a shame to have to drain the tub and I'm sad say goodbye to the vivid hue within the water... at least until the next bath. ;D

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