Frequently Asked Question Topics

Allergen Friendly?

All of our bath and body care products have a full ingredients list here on our website. See something you like, but there's an ingredient you may be allergic or sensitive to? Contact us. We can make most of our skin care items with a substitution for you.

Got Milk?

Here for Goat Milk Soaps? We've got that! All of our Goat Milk Soaps are made using fresh milk from our very own pampered goats. You can see more about our goats on social media and our blog. Click here to shop exclusively Goat Milk Products.

What about Vegan Products?

We respect the choice to be vegan, and proudly offer a variety of soaps, bath bombs, lotions, and other products that contain no animal produced ingredients. All raw materials we purchase are from suppliers that are Certified Cruelty Free. Click here to shop exclusively Vegan Products. See a soap or bath bomb you like, but wish it was vegan? We can custom make a version for you using Coconut Milk. Just ask!

Essential Oils vs. Fragrances?

We create products scented both with high quality Essential Oils, and with Fragrance Oils. Essential Oils are listed individually in the ingredients here online. Fragrance Oils will be listed simply as "Fragrance". All of our Fragrance Oils are Cruelty Free Certified, and completely Paraben and Phthalate free. Looking to keep it only to 100% all natural scents? Click here to shop our Essential Oils Only section.

Unscented Items?

We do offer unscented items that are 100% essential oil and fragrance free. Click here to shop Unscented Items. With Scrubs and Lotions, scroll down to select the Unscented option under Scent Options. If you are interested in an unscented soap or other product not shown, we are happy to make it for you! Just ask.

Return Policy?

Due to the personal nature of skin care items, we do not accept the return of any products that are not completely sealed in their original packaging. Unopened soap or skin care items may be returned in new, undamaged condition within 14 days of original purchase for a full refund of the product price. We are not responsible for items damaged during shipping, or shipping charges for returns. Monies paid for returns will be refunded via PayPal to the same account of the original purchase upon receipt of item(s) returned accordingly.

How are you Eco-Friendly?

Here at Blackbird Mountain, we made a promise to be as environmentally ethical as possible. That includes taking steps in how we package our products to reduce our footprint. Our soaps are wrapped in biodegradable shrink wrap, and labeled with renewably sourced and compostable sugarcane labels. Every order we ship is packed with biodegradable and/or reused plastics. Even our packing tape is 100% plant derived, renewable, and biodegradable. We plan to continue taking steps to make sure our business doesn't contribute to waste or clogging up landfills. Check out our Blog Announcements for more details and news.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes. We are happy to make a custom item for you! This does require a non-refundable partial payment up front, and with bar soap a minimum number of bars.

How Are Shipping Rates Calculated?

You may have noticed our shop has recently updated the previous Flat Rate charges to a live in-cart shipping calculator. We have partnered with Shippo to calculate rates faster and with more accuracy. There's still room for improvement though, and we continue to work on finding ways to fine tune this. Sometimes the calculator does over-estimate charges based on the box size it defaults to, especially with zipcodes located farther away. We always ship orders for the best rate we can find without compromising on quality, and refund any difference in shipping charges on the day your order ships. Thank you so much for being understanding of this small business as we continue to grow. If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to ask! Just click here to send us an email